R. C. Anderson Co., LLC

Garden Kaleidoscopes - Inflated Steel Pieces - Metal Sculptures


Metal Sculptor, Robert C. Anderson in Sturgeon Bay, WI, specializes in garden kaleidoscopes, inflated steel pieces, and metal sculptures.

Garden Kaleidoscopes

The popular garden kaleidoscopes have a metal framework with a bowl of flowering plants as the object chamber for the kaleidoscope. You spin the bowl to change what you see when looking through the eyepiece. Check out the video to get a sense for the mesmerizing images. Robert started creating such sculptures in 1997.


Robert’s garden kaleidoscopes or interactive living sculptures are installed in public places and private residences all around the United States, and in Japan and Canada. Click Installations to see a list.


Click Gallery to see images of the range of projects Robert has done.

His home base is a farm in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Inspiration comes from his wife, Ann, and the farm property where they grow throngs of varieties of day lilies.

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