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Artist, Robert C. Anderson in Sturgeon Bay, WI, introduced garden kaleidoscopes in 1997, and they remain a popular and primary body of his work. Anderson’s additional paths in working with steel include inflated steel sculptures; steel sculpture inspired by the principles of origami; and other sculptural work.

Garden Kaleidoscopes

The popular garden kaleidoscopes put a new spin on experiencing the natural beauty of flowering plants and other colorful items. A substantial steel sculpture supports one or more brass viewing scopes mounted above a rotating blowl filled with flowering plants and/or other colorful items.

  • Spin the bowl to begin the kaleidoscope experience
  • Look through the scope
  • Enjoy the colorful kaleidoscopic images

Check out the video for an example of the mesmerizing effect.

Several existing designs, as seen in the gallery, are available on demand. Site-specific commissions/designs are also accepted.


Robert’s garden kaleidoscopes or interactive living sculptures are installed in public places and private residences all around the United States, and in Japan and Canada. Click Installations to see a list. Many public art pieces were donated in memory of a loved one. Sometimes, the person volunteered at a location, or was important to an organization, and a garden kaleidoscope captured the essence of  the person’s meaning to others. Other times, people just love the magic of the images created by the kaleidoscopes!


Click Gallery to see images of the range of projects Robert has done.

Anderson’s home base is Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. His studio is located on a farm property where he and his wife, Ann grow more than 400 varieties of day lilies. In 2020, they began converting 42 acres of land to natural prairie to encourage wild pollinators and wildlife. It’s coming along great!

Robert has examples of each kind of his art outdoors. Studio visits are welcome by appointment. Please click FAQs for answers to common questions, or click Contact to reach him directly.

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