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What Materials Are You Working With?

Mild steel, stainless steel, brass.

What Processes Are Used in Your Work?

Metal fabrication (cutting, welding, bending, rolling, brazing, grinding), sandblasting, powder coating, machining, and assembly.

What Is the Lead Time for the Garden Kaleidoscopes?

Generally, six to eight weeks; rush orders can usually be accommodated.

Can the Entire Sculpture Be Displayed Outside All Year?

Yes, although the brass viewing teleidoscope (eyepiece) can also be taken inside if it is not going to be used during winter.

Who Makes the Brass Viewing Teleidoscope (Eyepiece)?

Robert Anderson.

What Is the Finish on the Garden Kaleidoscope?

It is a commercially applied powder coat finish. The sculpture is sandblasted to bare metal, color is applied, and the sculpture is heated in a commercial oven. Then a UV protective clear coat is applied, and the sculpture returns to the oven.

Why Do Some Designs Have More than One Brass Viewing Scope?

Sculptures designed for large public spaces with many visitors have two or three viewing scopes mounted at different levels to accommodate people of varying stature and people using wheelchairs.

Is there a Drain in the Bowl of the Garden Kaleidoscope?

Yes, water drains through the center pedestal down to the ground.

Can Tubing Be Installed through the Pedestal for Self-watering?


What Kind of Base Is Required for Permanent Installation?

A concrete pad prepared by the customer works well. The dimensions would be a minimum of 32” square or round and 5-6” thick. The pad should be mounted about 1-2” below the top of the finished ground to allow for materials like mulch etc., if desired.

How Do You Achieve the Inflated Look for Your Inflated Steel Sculptures?

There is the right amount of steel to make a three-dimensional form. Air pressure is applied to the welded metal and the piece takes on the desired inflated shape.

Do You Have to Heat the Metal before Inflating Your Steel Sculptures?


Does It Require a Large Amount of Air Pressure to Inflate Steel?

It varies – larger sculptures require less air pressure.

Is the Inflated Steel Furniture Comfortable and Functional?